You forever hold my heart in your hands

5  Full length musicals intertwined by fate, love, marriage and memories.                          Plus a lot of music.



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A Running of the Bulls

An east side love story that fate begins at this yearly small town's big company picnic.

A chance meeting at this normally boring outing leads two shy hearts down a path to battle bullies, stand up to stereotypes and play down prejudices.

A young woman goes to her parents picnic just to see the band that is playing that night but ends up getting her heartstrings plucked by a shy misunderstood young man from the next town over.

But these two high school teens do not hear the nay sayers, listening only to the sweet harmonies of love and find their destiny at the rock concert of life!

               A Musical                As Just One Life

A fun family musical. Written for High School and Community Theater.

A life time of memories stuffed in one's brain,             from a moment in time that fate did allow.                           Then it rears it's ugly head,                                                       to take her away from him twice, somehow.

 A tragic romantic comedy.                                                     A modern day twist on a Shakespearean theme,         About two lovebirds tryst and their foolish love scheme. 

A love story that was not allowed until fate decrees      that it is meant to be. 
Then in a cruel twist, it shows one of it's many fickle faces and does not give him his happily ever after, now leaving him to end his time living alone, as just one life.

2 versions, a tragic or happy ending. 

Cast size of 18+ or 14 with 4 leads, 2 supporting roles             and 12+ or 8 singers/extras. 

Economical to stage.  No expensive sets to build or wardrobe. Sponsorship opportunities built in to script and set.

17 original songs from rock, country, jazz and a ballad or two. No pit needed, all music instrumental mp3/wav file

Tragedy - approx 2hrs   Happy ending - approx 90 min

Script is posted on NPX (New Play Exchange).  

Music links are located on Music page.       

Her Side of the Story

A romantic comedy, as the name implies!.


A romantic comedy set in motion when love shortchanges a young life and she wonders if she's been sold a bill of goods by fate.

Out bargain hunting one day she finds her destiny, on the discount rack!

On the “Big Day”,  the bill gets paid?

Memories Begin with "Me"

A love story that fate allows from his eyes.

Fate steers a young woman down the wrong road only to find her destiny! 

Breakfast at Midnight
A Trilogy of One Act Musicals

3 unrelated musical tales combining fate, love and memories to create a relationship.

A musical endeavor that begins with the "meet and greet".   Continuing with when “two become one”.   And concluding with the completion of the “final vows”.

Scrambled Eggs                                                                                                           On an errand to pick up some eggs for a friend, a young city woman gets lost in the country and finds love.

Burnt Toast                                                                                                        At the wedding reception the groom was given a simple instruction for his thank you toast. The 3 S's. Keep it short , then shut up and sit down, because it's her day!

That Night                                                                                                            One mans memory of his "dance with the devil" and his friend who cut in to finish the song!


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