4  Full length musicals intertwined by fate, love, marriage and memories.                          Plus a lot of music.



A Musical As Just One Life

A fun family musical. Written for High School and Community Theater.

A haunting romantic comedy about the life of a memory.
A love story clearly remembered, told thru the mind of a man, made from a fading memory with the woman of his dreams.

Cast size of 18 or 14 with 4 leads, 2 supporting roles and 12 or 8 singers/extras. Good to very good talent levels . 

Economical to stage.  No expensive sets to build or costumes to make.

17 original songs from rock, country, jazz and a ballad or two.

Script is posted on NPX (New Play Exchange).  

Music links are located on Music page.       

Memories Begin with "Me"

A love story that fate allows from his perspective.

Fate steers a young woman down the wrong road only to find her destiny! 

Her Side of the Story

A romantic comedy, as the name implies!

Breakfast at Midnight
A Trilogy of One Act Musicals

3 unrelated musical tales combining fate, love and memories to create a relationship.

A musical endeavor that begins with the "meet and greet".   Continuing with when “two become one”.   And concluding with the completion of the “final vows”.


Scrambled Eggs 

On an errand to pick up some eggs for a friend, a young city woman gets lost in the country and finds love.


Burnt Toast

At the wedding reception the groom was given a simple instruction for his thank you toast. The 3 S's. Keep it short , then shut up and sit down, because it's her day!


That Night

One mans memory of a friend as he tells his tale to whomever is listening.