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All music is licensed thru Tribe of Noise Pro with our thanks for their great help and service.

"Ballad of Tiffany and Steve"
"Burned Wheels"
"Free Food and Drink"
 music by Esther Garcia

"Treasured Rainbow"
"As Just One Life"
music by jonworthymusic

"This Woman"
music by Alberto

"Tell Me'
music by Breakthruproductions

"An Angel From Above"
"Husband Wife"
music by ednavarromusic

"Thank You Everyone"
music by Konovalovmusic

"Old People" Shuffle
music by Viktor Prokopov

"Wedding Reception Buzz"
music by PNFA

"Her Side of the Story"
music by thejoydrops

music by staticinverona

"Tiffany's Wedding  performed by Capptann Cameeleeann"
music by Heinali

"Living Life in a Dream"
"My Due"
music by balkanjingles

music by epigenetics

"Livin' in"
music by thepauldunleagroup

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A Musical As Just One Life.

All music is licensed for use with the artist permission and the vocalist's are not affiliated with them in anyway.

All lyrics were beautifully and exquisitely written by Capptann Cameeleeann who courageously crawled off of his hot rock to write this masterpiece and has allowed us to pay him abundantly for his time and superior services for which we are eternally grateful.


Scene  1

Ballad of Tiffany and Steve

Introduction to Love

      Love's Introduction

     Burned Wheels


Treasured Rainbow

This Woman

Tell Me


As Just One Life

An Angel From Above

Free Food and Drink


Scene 2


Thank You Everyone

 Wedding Reception Buzz

 "Old People" Shuffle

 Her Side of the Story


Tiffany's Wedding                                                               performed by  Capptann Cameeleeann       






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Scene 3 


Living Life in a Dream


 Memories Begin with "Me" 




Breakfast at Midnight

A trilogy of One Act Musicals.

Memories Begin with "Me"

One man's memory of a friend.