About Us

The Show

The shows are fun family entertainment with no real redeeming           social value. No hidden messages. We're not out to change the world,   we just hope to make you forget about it for a few hours.                               Packed with 30+ great songs, dancing, comedy, and a love story. 


Filled with Rock-n-Roll, Jazz, a little classical, some dancing, a laugh or two and hopefully you'll wake up tomorrow with "one of those damn songs stuck in your head".

All shows are economical to stage, no fancy or expensive set or wardrobe designs. Music filled family entertaining productions         with on stage/in script opportunities for added sponsorship profits.

Shows can be tailored from 30 plus songs and variations of scripts.       1, 2 or 3 acts can be combined for needed length, cast or stage size. Scene 1 is the "Meet and greet",                                                                             Scene 2 the "Big Day"                                                                                               Scene 3 the "Tragedies", sorry "but in to every life a little rain must fall". We'll at least send you home smiling.

No orchestra or pit needed just a sound tech                                                   All music is instrumental mp3/wav files.                                                             l Songs are fun and easy to sing. No lead sheets, learned as we all started, by listening with the lyrics in hand, like a "Karaoke Muisical". Choreography is easy to learn or adapt to your wants or needs.

We strive to entertain you from the time you enter the lobby                        until after "Elvis has left the building"!!!  


The Business

We strive to make our shows a profitable venture for your production with clean wholesome entertainment that will draw the audience in. And provide a great experience for the cast and crew. 

There are no expensive sets or costumes to waste valuable profits on. Plus opportunities built in to the script and set for additional local sponsorship and added profits.   


Cast size of 18 or 14.  (10 if needed)   A Musical As Just One Life

12 or 8 Singers/Extras. (additional singers/extras can be added)

There are 2 - 4 leads, 2+ supporting for most scenes and One Acts             

Cast size of 4 to 13 for the other 4 shows and One Acts.                                 (additional singers/extras can be added)

Running times: 

AMAJOL - Tragedy approx 2 hrs    Happy approx 95 mins

All other Musicals 75 - 90 minutes.  One Acts 15 - 40 minutes

Ask about "royalty free" productions!

The Author

Capptann Cameeleeann 

This musical was adapted from my short story "And Now Our Lives Evermore".

A tale from the darkened corners of my egg shaped head.

And I like reptiles.